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Why do I need a Will…?

Having a Will prepared is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself, your family and your assets. We all work day in and day out to do what we love, to provide for our family, enjoy what we have and to live our individual American Dream.  Making a Will is the opportunity to direct the disposition of your assets (who, what, when, where) for the people you care about the most.  A death is a stressful enough period of time and having a Will helps to reduce stress and allow the grieving process to begin for the ones left behind.  For parents of minor children this is especially important because it allows you to name the person or people best suited to care for and raise your children upon an untimely death. Surely no-one wants someone else to decide what’s best for you and your family, right?

A correctly drafted Will provides the necessary legal protection to your spouse/partner, children, and ultimate disposition of your assets. It directs the people you choose, called fiduciaries, to carry out your wishes upon your passing with the backing of the Court and minimizing costs. Those people must carry out your wishes as per your direction which may eliminate unnecessary fighting if you did not have a Will and other unintended results that may occur under the law. It also provides for necessary contingent fiduciaries in most cases.

Having an Attorney walk you through the process is essential to fully understanding what’s at stake for your specific situation. We offer a free consultation and are happy to discuss your situation.

Here are our top FIVE reasons to have a Will prepared or updated.

  1. Freedom to choose your Executor to handle your affairs and administer your estate.
  2. Allows you to name your Beneficiaries and determine the share or percentages of any inheritance they each may receive from the Probate Estate.
  3. Allows you to name a Guardian to decide who will take care of your minor children.
  4. Change in Circumstances (Marriage, Children, Retirement, Divorce, Death of Spouse, Home Ownership, Relocation, Owning Significant Collections, Owning a Business)
  5. Be Prepared and have Peace of Mind.